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Items You Must Consider While Renting a Car

1. Prepayment for gas

Prepaid gas charges address our desire for simplicity when traveling, as well as concerns about being late for flights as they pose too much risk because every few extra minutes of traveling to the airport are too late.

As airport security also adds significant time to this process, rental companies have developed new options for vehicle refueling. These risks give them hard sells at the rental desk, such as the prepaid fuel option.

And don't worry about getting prepaid gas unless you're absolutely sure you're going to empty the fuel tank first, or you need to catch a flight at dawn. Even the option that only charges for as much fuel as you use will cost more than the option to calculate your own cost. This will be aggressively in favor of the rental agent.
To avoid mistake on this one, don't make the next mistake too

2. Seeking road exit with many failed attempts to refuel on the way back

The best time to refuel your vehicle is immediately after receiving it. However, when driving away from the airport or rental agency, refuel and note other gas stations in the vicinity. At the end of your rental, prepare a departure plan to the most accessible or most affordable pick-up location. Roads and streets around airports can be confusing and unconventional. Therefore, if you run out of fuel and meet the requirement to deliver with the same amount of fuel tank, you don't want to drive on roads where you won't be looking for a gas station as your flight time approaches. Knowing your gas stations close to the agency and delivery place will relieve you.

3. Insurance purchase reason no. one:  Car insurance really protects you.

Before we know it, we need to stress that auto insurance policies can vary significantly. After renting the vehicle, have your own insurer check this insurance. 
Insurance may not cover all damage and breakdown of rental vehicles if you have the minimum amount of coverage that is legally permitted.
  However, if you are working with companies that have rent a car insurance and serve as “full coverage”, “full insurance”, the insurance really works. Call or email your insurer to find out the status of the insurance. Don't worry, ask questions.

Important: What is the Difference between Personal Insurance and Rent a Car Insurance?

Individual insurance for vehicles used for commercial purposes does not protect the person renting the vehicle. If the vehicle is damaged during the rental and it is understood by the insurance company that it is a rental vehicle during the damage assessment, the insurance company will not want to pay the damage and will be right. Rent a car insurance is the insurance that also protects the lessor. For this reason, when renting a car from smaller businesses, have your insurer check both the car's insurance and the cost of the car from the car's license plate.

4. Reason for purchasing insurance no. 2: Credit card can also protect you.

It is possible that the credit card you use while renting a car may also have its own insurance, depending on your agreements with the banks. In other words, your credit card may protect you in terms of insurance for something that you cannot take out auto insurance.

5. Not every insurance covers "loss of use" of the vehicle if it is damaged. Be careful.

When a rental vehicle is damaged, companies will charge “loss of use” fees to cover potential revenue lost from you when the vehicle is taken for repair and maintenance.
This is usually charged at the amount of one day's rental for that vehicle, and most auto insurance companies do not cover this fee. For this reason, when renting a car, ask what kind of insurance the agency has for loss of use as much as rent a car insurance. Otherwise, contact your insurer. Some credit cards also have insurance to cover loss of use cases.


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